Have you ever thrown away a plastic bottle into a trash can when there was a recycling bin right around the corner? Or ever grabbed more napkins than you needed at your favorite restaurant?
Founded in 2008, ECOLS provides a platform for humankind to exchange ECO ignited thoughts and ideas through art, designs and communications.
ECOLS mission is to educate and nurture the market about ECO lifestyle and ignite your ECO attitude.
ECOLS means… ECO LifeStyle
A lifestyle is a mixture of habits. Your “green living” can begin by just taking baby steps, like taking a shorter shower, drinking less bottled water and turning off computers at night. You can see it is easy to take part in making a change and making a difference.

Check out the "50 Ways to Help the Planet" presented by Wire & Twine.
You are seconds away from helping the earth to breath a little better. Join us in this noble and meaningful mission!