ECOLS Rating

ECOLS Rating is a system to illustrate why products here are ECO and are selected or designed for the ECOLS store. It would also be a reference standard for consumers to choose for ECO products and services at somewhere other than the ECOLS store.

This rating considers 4 main criteria, which are Materials, Manufacturing
Process, Creativity and Stylishness, represented by four colored ECOLS logos
. Each criterion has 0 the lowermost and 4 the highest in rating.

We understand the materials of every product and its packaging. A product has 4 points the highest when the material is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. If it is 100% biodegradable, degradable, from sustainable sources, organic, the product gains three points out of four. Anything less than 2 points in material like product containing non-biodegradable content, it would not be in ECOLS store.

Manufacturing Process
How was the waste management in production? Any non-ECO by-products like toxins are produced? What was the energy consumption and electricity used for producing the products? ECOLS tries all ways to verify manufacturing facts before deciding to carry and design one product.

Recycled pull-tabs turn into a bag? Button scrap turns into a stool? May it be the creative use of material, manufacturing process, product functions and feature, etc, the scores reflect how much the ECOLS team is surprised and impressed by the creativity and innovation.

Having sustainability in mind, ECOLS shows you the creations how ECO and stylishness come together as a package. The more points it has, the better match of ECO and stylishness together it is!